Eliana and family

17 05 2011

Eliana is the daughter of Mahogany and Sundance. When the fracturing of Steeldust’s band started in earnest last spring, Mahogany ended up with Sundance – and bachelor Aspen. Just a day or two after Eliana was born – and the day after I first saw her – Aspen finally succeeded in stealing her from Sundance. Among the meanings of her name is “daughter of the sun” – and so she is, not to be forgotten, though Aspen now has her and Mahogany.

Mahogany lost her foal last year before I ever saw it. This adorable  little red girl is healthy and strong and full of spunk!

Mama Mahogany and her beautiful, sunny girl.

I love how the babies’ ears are curled after they’re born.

Though I don’t like to think about how any of the babies may have died, I am glad Mahogany got a break last year. She’s an older mare, though I don’t know how old, and she looks much better with Eliana than she did last year.

Aspen, Sundance, Mahogany and Eliana.

Handsome daddy Sundance – this was the next day, when he was alone and nursing some wounds.

Check out that wavy mane … who else has a wavy mane like that? Maybe he has passed it to his daughter – daughter of the Sun.

Grand ol’ beautiful lady is also an excellent mama.

Baby girl has a wide blaze like mama’s, but Eliana’s tapers over to the right side. Since I’ve known Mahogany, she has had two dark bays like herself (Pinon may be even darker) and a black foal. Piedra – grey – *may* be her daughter … and David may be her son (scroll down a couple of posts to compare). Eliana is the first sorrel she has had in that time.

I love, too, how the mamas constantly touch and sniff their newborns. Constant contact builds strong bonds.

I adore this moment – for itself and because I have a nearly identical photo from when Pinon (now 3) was a baby – with the exact same expression on his face as mama Mahogany reassures herself that her baby is just fine. 🙂



3 responses

17 05 2011

beautiful photos and beautiful mama and baby

18 05 2011
Pat Amthor

TJ, Thanks for the fantastic time at the Valley with the Herd. We were so excited to see the babies and I think you are so right about the bands being careful and watchful of the little ones. We got to see that up front with Mahogany and Aspen. I know Aspen is the interloper and kicked Sundance out but he seems to be the guy of the moment for the Mom and babe.
We saw 5 antelope close to Mahogany and group. Wow There were great to watch!!

18 05 2011

Billie – Beautiful mama and baby, indeed (and she’s that gorgeous deep bay we both love!)!

Pat – Thank all of YOU for all your attention to the herd for a remarkable 12 years! The commitment of the 4 Corners Back Country Horsemen to the Spring Creek Basin mustangs should be emulated! We had a wonderful time and got so see some brand-new babies! Always a bonus! And the heavy-pregnant pronghorns – cool! We’ll be watching for those new babies, too! I’m sure Aspen will be a fine stepdaddy … but I have a fondness for Mr. Sundance. 😉

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