Heavens, open

28 07 2010

Heavy rains hit SW Colo, set off rock slides
NORWOOD, Colo. (AP) — Heavy rains in southwestern Colorado have caused rock slides, closing part of a highway.
San Miguel County spokeswoman Jennifer Dinsmore says rocks and debris about 4 feet high slid onto Colorado 145 between Norwood and Telluride on Tuesday. No cars were trapped, and no one was injured.
Highway crews hoped to reopen the highway by Tuesday evening. The slide occurred three miles east of Norwood.
The area was under a flash flood warning until early evening. Dinsmore says the soil is saturated from heavy rains the past few days.


That was the content of an email I sent a friend last night with the pronouncement: We’re not getting into the basin tomorrow.

Norwood is almost directly north of the basin as the raven flaps or the kestrel darts or the golden eagle soars.

We have been getting RAIN. Last week’s episode was just a teaser of things to come. I can hardly wait now to get back and see – and report on – all the ponds rippling with water (hopeful, hopeful!). But it’s going to have to wait because the arroyos are likely running and/or thick with mud that hasn’t had a chance to dry so *I* can cross ’em! (How selfish of me!)

And then came the last-minute other-wrench – I have to work my Saturday. Well, if I can’t get out to the basin, OK – it’s raining, after all – though it’s not great for my mental outlook to work six days and have only one off, in any kind of weather.

But I figured if I can’t present new pix, I ought to be able to come up with past pix that I haven’t posted yet. This is one of those:

This was after their little rearing episode: Corazon and Mesa greet each other politely while Ty paws in the background. Aren’t they handsome with their arched necks and alert expressions?



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28 07 2010

Hooray for rain!! Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any yet. It keeps heading your way! Sigh….maybe this time around. LOL

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