Happy birthday, Storm!

25 07 2010

This big boy has to be one of my favorites. Sure it’s possible his sire is my favorite Grey/Traveler, but his mother is one of my favorite mares, released after the 2007 roundup – I hope – because of recognition of her alpha status, which means her knowledge and wisdom is required by future generations – including her son!

He and I have known each other since the day he was born, and his birth-day photos are some of my favorite mare-foal pictures ever.

This one made it into our new brochure.

This one is framed.

Storm with Pinon, who was born in mid-May that year.

Storm and Ember, who was born in April of that year.

Always a stinker, that boy.

Almost a yearling here – look how big and stout!

Heading into his second winter …


Always getting into trouble – here with almost-yearling Hannah.

This spring.

That boy does love his mama …

Early June

Early July … our little boy is growing up …

Happy second birthday, little prince. You’re destined to be a king!



7 responses

25 07 2010
Barbara Warner

Thank you so much for more pics of these gorgeous horses. I pray they stay free.

25 07 2010

He is so beautiful. There is just something about following these horses from birth on. So special

26 07 2010

I agree … It’s wonderful to watch them grow, and watching the progression of their learning adds much to my understanding of horses!

27 07 2010
Lea Williams

The awesomeness of being able to document them like that. He is a gorgeous boy. As always, I love your pictures.

28 07 2010

Happy birthday, handsome! he really is growing into a wonderful stallion, so majestic and beautiful, the very picture of wild. Mischievious, too, by the looks of it. Great photos, TJ!

28 07 2010
Nancy Roberts

I love his stripe! Beautiful boy!

28 07 2010

I can’t believe I left out his name explanation – as it’s happening right now! I named him Storm *because* we had had a major storm the night before I found him, and that’s how I knew I was seeing him the day he was born – because Alpha still had the blood of his birth on her hind legs. I like to call my animals “pet” names (get it), and he, of course, has more than his fair share – Storm-chaser and Stormy Jones among my favorites. 🙂 He’s a good omen for our herd, our not-so-little-anymore Storm-bringer!

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