Gideon see, Gideon do

30 07 2010

These pictures never made it to the blog … victims of lack of time, I suppose. They’re from back in June, during T&L’s visit from Florida.

It’s pretty safe to say – in any context – that Gideon adores Butch. His mimicry of his stepdaddy is pronounced. I realized when I looked back at these photos that there’s another little series I had wanted to show and apparently never gotten around to … Maybe that will be my next post.

In the meantime, Steeldust’s band – which is sort of “back together,” but Steeldust is not particularly in charge – was up above a steep little canyon in the north hills. It’s rockier up there, with lots of cacti around, but there are trees – and grass, actual long-stemmed blades of the stuff.

When Chrome first laid down, Gideon walked up right behind him to investigate. Here’s the big guy – my size!

But when the big guy started throwing those long legs around, things got a little alarming!

Love this expression on Gideon’s face as he watches Butch roll.

A little rest after a successful roll. Mama Luna in the background, by the way.

The next thing we knew, after Butch got up, Gideon laid down in exactly the same spot!

Woo hoo! This IS fun!

A mid-roll check to make sure Mama hasn’t left the vicinity.

Oooh, it feels so good just to lie here in the sunshine … Alpha strolling in the background …

Gathering for the final effort …

And up he goes again!

It must have felt good to both of them. I’m just glad they didn’t hit one of these, which I found later, not toooo close …

Unfortunately, what led me to find this prickly beauty was a beer can some nincompoop had stuck bottoms-up on a dead tree, that I walked over to retrieve. Really? You’re going to carry it all the way up there, presumably sit and knock it back – enjoying the view – then leave it to spoil someone else’s?!

So I leave you with a better thought:

Gideon with (likely) daddy Steeldust, sharing a moment of hang-out time under a tree. 🙂



6 responses

30 07 2010
Joe Z

Learning about rolling in the dirt! Too cute!

30 07 2010
Lea Williams

Great pictures. I hate when people leave beer cans and garbage laying around. This spring we were on a ride in a beautiful green area and came around to a meadow – full of beer cans, paper garbage of all kinds ect. Made we want to cry.

30 07 2010

very cute series TJ. what a little ham!! Such a copy cat. LOL

31 07 2010
Nancy Roberts

This made me laugh out loud! Thanks TJ!

31 07 2010

He’s a lot like Hannah – very outgoing – and cute as all get out to watch!

I hate the trash, too. I like to think I keep the basin pretty well cleaned up, but I’m always find old coke/beer cans that have washed down or been unearthed. Hunting season is worse, but last year, it wasn’t too bad, actually. Out along the county road is a different story, however. Lots of trash.

1 08 2010
Lynn Bauer

Great sequence! Really glad it made it to the blog for us all to see and smile over! We’re always intrigued by the familial relationships between offspring and birth stallions vs. “step-daddies.” It’s a neat thing to see! Sorry ’bout the trash – No use asking why people don’t care – there are just those that don’t and those, thankfully, that will pick up after them…
L & K

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