Slate – 2006

26 03 2008

Barb Headley, a member of the Mesa Verde Back Country Horsemen and a herd monitor with the San Juan Mountains Association, sent me some photos last week that she took in the summer of 2006 in the herd area. They’re really some fabulous photos, and they show Slate and Bounce and Hollywood, as well as an older grey stallion (that I think was gathered and removed in August 2007) and Slate’s 2006 foal and yearling colt.


That’s Slate at center with her 2006 foal – nice looking, eh? – her dun yearling at left and the grey stallion.


There’s Hollywood at left and Slate in the foreground.


Slate leading the way with her 2006 foal, followed by the grey stallion and Bounce. Barb said she thought Bounce was the band stallion, so perhaps the older grey was with them for companionship.

Isn’t it cool to see these photos as evidence of the way things were? Thanks for sharing them, Barb!