Mama + daughter

16 11 2012

= Gorgeous!

Houdini and Mariah at sunset with the La Sal Mountains in the background.

Hunting season (the fourth and last) is almost over. The horses have been more scarce and difficult to find this year than any I can remember. Grey/Traveler’s band was back in Poco’s territory. There’s water to the north in the east-pocket and Sorrel Flats ponds, and there’s water to the south in the roller-coaster-ridge pond (and Hollywood’s and Comanche’s bands and Seven, Aspen, Hayden, Tenaz and Apollo were in that vicinity). And there’s water in the arroyos – including where Storm’s band drank before sassy Cassidy Rain strutted her stuff!

Green and rose

5 08 2012

Have been busy with family – hi, Mom and Dad, Tom and Kayla! – and haven’t had much time to post. We did get into the basin this weekend to see the horses, and saw almost all of them. Kreacher has lost Roja and Killian to … drum roll, please … Storm! They’re back in the east pocket. Bounce was close-ish. Kreacher is with Seven. All else seems normal.

The trapsite pond does have water, and the northwest and roadside ponds are dug out and just waiting for a drencher! The hills are so green right now. The range looks fantastic, and the horses look fabulous!

The horses were mostly at a distance, so I’m going back a couple of weeks for this one of sweet Mariah. She looks so rosy with her red coat going grey.

What a stunner. 🙂


25 07 2012

Maia and Mariah, beautiful baby girls, living wild in their beautiful wild world.


21 07 2012

Isn’t she stunning? Mariah, daughter of Grey/Traveler and Houdini.

This image doesn’t capture the subtle, glowing red rose of her greying coat.

Perfection on four legs!


21 07 2012

No, that kind … this kind!:

Is she – Maia – not the cutest thing going?! That’s Mariah behind her and mama Alegre in front of her. The baby girls were reacting to Hollywood’s band coming over a rise in the distance.

They were excited; mamas were not worried.

Can’t resist

11 07 2012

And really, who can?

The big man himself: Grey/Traveler.

Two of his girls – Alegre and Houdini – and this year’s daughter, Mariah.

And new mama Gaia and baby Cassidy Rain.

Just because they’re all beautiful and I love them so. 🙂

A girl named Mariah

10 07 2012

Girl going grey.

Like mama, daughter!

Side note: Mariah is Terra’s full baby sister.

Longest day, first light

25 06 2012

Two wild babies, enveloped in phenomenal light:







Solstice morning

22 06 2012

Wild girls Alegre and Maia, Mariah and Houdini at sunrise, solstice morning.

Mariah is very clearly shedding her red baby coat and revealing her true grey. Hard to tell yet with Maia, but her little muzzle has a hint of brown to it.

All I want …

6 06 2012

… are more hours in the day. Or night. Anywhere, really, they could be squeezed in.

Lovely Mariah. How could you possibly be almost 2 months old? A stunner, as all your sisters before.

With babysitter Corona. This is the band to watch for family dynamics with three mares with foals, a yearling and a dry 3-year-old! Doesn’t hurt that my boy Grey/Traveler is king. 🙂

She can run faster than you can! Happy girl, testing the legs.

So many gorgeous ponies, so little time to post photos of them all.