Some miscellaneous

9 05 2011

In an effort not to bogart images from my most recent visit, here are some highlights.

Bruiser with his lonnnnnnggggg mane …

He and Milagro are still together. Interestingly, the pintos (including Milagro’s mama, Kiowa, and his little brother and big sisters) were just behind me over the ridge … well, not all the pintos. Chipeta, Puzzle and Ty (an “honorary pinto”!) have split off on their own – a move that has been coming for weeks. Those horses and Chrome’s band were the only ones I didn’t see.

Corona. Look at that wild and wooly mane on that little girl!

Shane – Mona’s and Kreacher’s daughter. Doesn’t she look big and beautiful? She’s almost 8 months old. Most of the youngsters – as usual – are still sporting fuzzy coats, though most of the adults have shed out (though some still have bits of fuzz clinging), and no wonder – the temp Thursday morning when I rolled out of the Jeep at o’dark-thirty was in the 20s!

Sisters Terra and Gemma – Gem-baby was obviously having a glorious time at the Wildcat Spring & Spa!



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