21 07 2012

No, that kind … this kind!:

Is she – Maia – not the cutest thing going?! That’s Mariah behind her and mama Alegre in front of her. The baby girls were reacting to Hollywood’s band coming over a rise in the distance.

They were excited; mamas were not worried.

Can’t resist

11 07 2012

And really, who can?

The big man himself: Grey/Traveler.

Two of his girls – Alegre and Houdini – and this year’s daughter, Mariah.

And new mama Gaia and baby Cassidy Rain.

Just because they’re all beautiful and I love them so. 🙂

Black and white …

5 07 2012

Alegre and Maia at the end of the day.

… and a little pink:

Grey/Traveler just before the end of the day.

Wow. Clouds. I still can’t get over the novelty.

Solstice morning

22 06 2012

Wild girls Alegre and Maia, Mariah and Houdini at sunrise, solstice morning.

Mariah is very clearly shedding her red baby coat and revealing her true grey. Hard to tell yet with Maia, but her little muzzle has a hint of brown to it.

More Cassidy Rain

10 06 2012

At last, more pix of the beautiful girl. These are all from her birthday, June 2.

Cassidy Rain with mama Gaia and auntie Aurora.

I like Gaia’s seemingly “challenging” look here, but in truth, she was lowering her head to graze.

Like most first-time mamas, Gaia couldn’t keep from touching her newborn. Sniffing her, licking her, nuzzling her, bonding mama to babe and babe to mama.

A precious thing is the love of a mama for her baby.

Cassidy Rain with her elegant grandmama Alegre (Aurora’s and Gaia’s mama).

These may be my absolute favorites:

Mama checking on her dreaming baby.

Sweet mercy. If you don’t see in this image that babies are the most precious thing to these wild families, I just don’t know how else to convey it. (Creative note: Photos cropped for maximum impact.)

So much beauty and promise in these little bodies. 🙂

Meet Maia

3 05 2012

Alegre had her baby!

Do you see what I see?


Shy baby.

There’s the little miss!

She is the spitting image of her big sister Aurora and their daddy, Bounce – except! Maia has two hind pasterns to ‘Rora’s and Bounce’s right hind pastern! I still don’t know whether Aurora will eventually turn grey like mama or stay black like daddy. Sable was jet black until her second summer, when she started to turn grey, and I first documented Ty as black – and look at him now!

Napping biggest sister Gaia watches her mama and new little sister.

Gaia is an Earth Day baby; Maia is a May Day baby!

Another feisty little girl, she kept her mama hopping to keep up with her!

Running …

running …

running …

running! 🙂

Mariah and Maia, Houdini and Alegre.

Mariah is 3 weeks old now.

Grey/Traveler is Mariah’s daddy and Maia’s stepdaddy.

Another sweetheart for Spring Creek Basin!

Family ties

14 04 2012

Baby Mariah with her new family.

Even almost-yearling Aurora takes a role in protecting baby.

Mamas and their daughters. Notice Gaia shedding.

When the babies are little, mamas are constantly checking them, sniffing them, reassuring them – and themselves – that all is well. Each one so precious and unique.

World’s end

13 04 2012

It’s peaceful there, and quiet, except when the wind blows. And so beautiful, you never, ever want to leave.

Alegre and her almost-yearling filly Aurora. Taken during my visit with Grey/Traveler’s band and their newest member.

The basin’s hills and plains are covered in the faintest blush of green now. So subtle, this year’s signs of spring. After our mild winter, expected, perhaps. On a grey, windy day and with snow yesterday and snow in the forecast, part of me yearns for an explosion of spring. But the basin’s beauty is subtle, and spring, however soft, is much welcomed. And I never, ever want to leave this end of the beautiful world.


12 04 2012

Although Corona doesn’t look very wide here, from the side, she is definitely bulging now!

Bounce and Tenaz had split from Seven and Aspen and were down the hill; the girls are watching them … and possibly the pronghorn does farther beyond them, coming up from the arroyo.

Alegre is due in May. Corona’s and Gaia’s due dates are anyone’s guess!


11 04 2012

Alegre, flying through the air with the greatest of grace. Just for fun. 🙂

She was actually evading Grey/Traveler, who was trying to urge her back to the fold.

Big with baby; she’s due in May.