Peaceful wild

27 11 2022

Now and then Terra graces observers with her wild beauty in a relaxed way (not grazing or otherwise offering butt views to the camera!). Her band was napping and watching another small band a short distance away.

If the promontory in the background doesn’t look quite like Temple Butte, that’s because its not. It’s a cliff of Knife Edge in the middle-east area of Spring Creek Basin. It definitely made a nice background for lovely Terra!



6 responses

27 11 2022
Sue E. Story

She is just stunning! What a great photo, TJ. I love that vigilant posture she’s in, so pretty.

27 11 2022

She was relaxed and protected and content, watching the grazing of the neighbors. I love to watch them watching each other!

27 11 2022
Karen Schmiede

She is lovely, indeed!

27 11 2022

She is her mother’s (Houdini’s) daughter. 🙂

28 11 2022

she is so lovely.


28 11 2022

She’s a beautiful, wild girl. 🙂

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