Tantivy goes the cry!

21 05 2022
interjection [tan-tiv-ee ]
at full gallop: to ride tantivy.

An apt description of Maia on the run. 🙂

And far from being “half-grey,” this girl went for the full-immersion experience!



8 responses

21 05 2022

Beauty in motion! Thank you TJ! I finished Kathryn’s DESERT CHROME last night and am reminded throughout her story the love, passion and respect plus advocacy is what will save our planet. You all are appreciated!!

22 05 2022

Ah, wonderful! I’ll pass that along to her. 🙂 Love will always win over hate!

21 05 2022
Karen Schmiede

Love Her muddy spa look!

22 05 2022

She sure got in there. 🙂

21 05 2022

That takes talent to go full immersion in the basin !

22 05 2022

Yes! Ha. 🙂 Excellent point! Fortunately, there’s still a pretty decent pond where they’ve been hanging out.

23 05 2022

Needed a little time in the spa!

23 05 2022

I’m glad it’s still open. 😉

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