Runnin’ with the wind

1 04 2022

After a bit of a technological delay, we’re back (I hope).

Buckeye and his girls were sheltering from the wind (’tis spring wind season) on the far side of Filly Peak when another little band waltzed (the wind does have a musical quality, sometimes) across the top of the ridge. We hoofed it to the top (two legs are slower than four and I was doing more huffing (and puffing) than hoofing …), but it turned out that it was a bit small for the stallions’ liking, which sent the mares running for the hill.

The bands ended up lower and on opposite sides of the ridge, no harm done. And I was left to enjoy the view from another high spot in Spring Creek Basin.



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2 04 2022

The little Pal girl looks like she’s lost some weight. I hope she can gain it back quickly with all the moisture and greenery in the Basin.

2 04 2022

Winter is the lean time, and spring is only just now starting to present. Slowly, the green bits are coming up or budding out. She’ll regain condition. They had gained some weight after the roundup, but they were all still fairly lean last fall. And they’re young. πŸ™‚ They have some growing to do!

2 04 2022



2 04 2022

Thanks, Karen. πŸ™‚

4 04 2022

You are lucky .

4 04 2022

I am blessed … and so very, very grateful!

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