Waiting and watching

3 02 2022

Truly, I run out of superlatives for this handsome boy.

Here, he and his band, which has grown by a couple over the last few months, were nearly to a pond for their evening drink when they spotted another band coming from the far side of a nearby ridge. The other band was nearly to them before Sundance’s band went to the edge of the pond – where another band had been drinking just before THEY arrived. They finished their drinking in peace while the other band waited respectfully, then changed places with only a minimum of fuss between Sundance and the other (much younger) stallion.

They’re still fuzzy, with more winter still to come (and hopefully, some snow).



6 responses

3 02 2022
Karen Ann Schmiede

He is beyond handsome!

3 02 2022

I hope you are getting some snow.

3 02 2022

He is gorgeous!

3 02 2022

Sundance is a long time friend, always takes my breath away. I can paint him forever. And yes, the courtesies as one band waits for another at a watering hole is to be admired. Can they teach humans their grace?!


4 02 2022
Sue E. Story

After awhile, there are no words. We have used every word possible to describe his excellence, his stunning beauty, and they all merely scratch the surface. He is truly the Adonis of mustang “stallionhood!”

11 02 2022

How polite the beauties can be and your there to see it and share with all of us. What a blessing!

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