Some freshening

23 12 2021

It’s official: All we needed to make the brown look more *gold* and less blah is a bit of white stuff … and one very gorgeous grey mustang girl (thanks, Temple!). 🙂



9 responses

23 12 2021

Good of you to notice Temple as part of the landscape of the wild place

23 12 2021

I had my eyes on her, just as she had her eyes on me! 🙂

23 12 2021

and from the sounds of it the basin will be quite a but whiter soon ! Temple may disappear:)

23 12 2021

Oh, I really, really, REALLY hope so!!!! (That we get snow; not that Temple may “disappear”! ;))

23 12 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

Beautiful! Hoping for a lot more white stuff!

23 12 2021

Thank you!, Us, too!

23 12 2021
Sue E. Story

Temple is a standout in all that brown and white! Hopefully more white than brown in a day or two! 🌨

23 12 2021

She sure is, and I sure hope so!

27 12 2021

Beautiful! The ‘kissed by moisture’ ground has the look of rich, fertile brown too – – My brother told me once, “Sis, you’re a farmer at heart” – when I visited him in early spring – and drove in gazing upon freshly worked fields in preparation for growing season and despite all my no-till, permaculture, save the soil! education in my mind? My heart sighed in relief AND awe, at the beautiful, rich brown the soil showed… That said, the shaggy, wild, winter coat mustang a beauty too! Lest you think I didn’t see her while oohing and ahhing over the rich brown of the ground – LOL

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