Amber waves of grass

27 09 2021

Corazon is over a little hump of land, but it’s easy to imagine him face deep in waving galleta grass. In many places, the horses ARE face deep in healthy galleta and other native grasses!

Our horizons are still a bit smoky, but autumn most definitely is here, and coats are starting fuzz.



6 responses

27 09 2021

Fall is here!

27 09 2021

It sure is! More advanced in some places than in others! Yay for the cooler weather!

27 09 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

Love the pintos!

27 09 2021

They’re awesome!

27 09 2021
Sue E. Story

“Face deep in grass.” I like seeing that! Those summer rains keep on giving don’t they, TJ.

28 09 2021

Those monsoon rains were so welcome. Now we need some autumn moisture to carry us into the season. Some snow on the peaks with the golden aspen on the slopes wouldn’t be a bad thing in this photographer’s opinion. 😉

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