Happy birthday, Dad!

10 08 2021

Happy wonderful, wild birthday to my dad, Dave!

My dad (now 73) and mom (almost 74) have been out in the Texas heat and humidity, baling hay for their critters and also for the neighbors. They got some astounding rain earlier this year, and the coastal and haygrazer are tall and thick. There are the usual equipment, uh, issues, but the hay needs baled, so they’re out there gettin’ ‘er done.

And I get to see them again later this month!

My dad is the hardest working guy I know. 🙂 I love you, Dad!



9 responses

10 08 2021
Karen Ann Schmiede

Happy Birthday to TJ’s Dad, and many more!

10 08 2021

I think your Mustang photo choice may match your Dad’s strength! Enjoy time with your family, nothing better than family, including the four legged

10 08 2021
Barbara Kennedy

How awesome. And may I wish a blessed happy birthday too.

10 08 2021

Happy birthday to you! You two are workers for sure!

10 08 2021
Laura Jones

Happy Birthday Dad!

11 08 2021

Happy Birthday TJ’s dad! ( and many more)

11 08 2021

Thank you, all, for your birthday wishes for my dad! 🙂

11 08 2021

I don’t call or text my brother unless absolutely necessary, from early spring to late fall – unless I just send a txt – “love ya” – that will be read at some point – during cutting operations, monitoring the dew point, laying it down, picking it up, baling when just right, but not combust/catch fire of it’s own accord – sigh – yup – hardworking folks who dive in to do such things, in knowledge, when the moment in time says, “Hurry! Hurry! So what if it’s 2am? Hurry!” LOL

11 08 2021
Sue E. Story

Happy Birthday to your dad, TJ. I wish him many more years out baling hay and looking after critters – the secret to health and a long life!

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