Sunset struttin’

22 07 2021

Tenaz and a bachelor from another band had a little dustup recently while establishing territory between their bands.

I like the very tip of Tenaz’s flipped forelock highlighted by the low sun. But though the dust adds some photographic “drama,” I sure would rather have rain and moisture in the ground with less dust.



6 responses

22 07 2021
Sue E. Story

With our current conditions, “dust up” takes on a whole new meaning! A mustang dust storm! 😊

25 07 2021

Even after our recent rain, vehicles are still kicking up dust trails on the road, if you can believe it. … But the rain MUST be good for water sources and vegetation – and ponies. The biting flies are out, and mud baths are handy!

22 07 2021
Karen Schmiede

Great picture!

25 07 2021

Thanks! 🙂

22 07 2021

I think rain would be welcome in the Basin now for sure!

25 07 2021

Hugely welcome. 🙂 Any time! 🙂

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