6 06 2021

How handsome is this guy?!

Storm had been napping and then woke up to realize his girls were ambling on up the hill. No rest for the wild stallion protector!



10 responses

6 06 2021

What a handsome devil ! He has a very serious and important job. Amazing photo !

6 06 2021

Yes, he is definitely a heartthrob!!!

6 06 2021

Gorgeous capture ❤️

6 06 2021
Karen Schmiede

Very handsome, indeed!

6 06 2021
Sue E. Story

“Heartthrob.” Oh yes he is!

6 06 2021
Lynn and Kathy

Great shot! Very, very nice composition! Love the expression in his eye!

6 06 2021

6 06 2021

Ahh, Storm! I will look for you next time I am there. You are handsome indeed!!

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7 06 2021

Keep up with those girls, Storm!

13 06 2021

Wow. Handsome and quite impressive!

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