Grace in the desert

25 05 2021

Sego lilies are among my most favorite wildflowers that appear in the basin. (Like the horses, they’re really all my favorites, just by virtue of being here, surviving and thriving!) That such delicate lilies appear in this harsh, dry environment seems to be one of the most miraculous and simplest wonders of the desert.

They’re blooming in earnest now. According to Range Plants of Utah, “it thrives on rather dry, sandy soils.” I’ll say!


Sue … I hope you return soon to wild places to find healing.



6 responses

25 05 2021

Aren’t wildflowers amazing ! Beauty upon beauty there !

25 05 2021

Glorious! ❤

25 05 2021
Karen Schmiede

How beautiful they are!

25 05 2021
Sue E. Story

These gorgeous lilies are one of my favorites too, TJ…and thank you

25 05 2021

How lovely and graceful the lilies are!

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28 05 2021

I love lilies and lilacs – they burst forth in bloom, so short lived – blink and you’ll miss them – but sigh – they remind me every year, that if I blink, I’ll miss the beauty that surrounds me always –

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