All we need is fuzz

26 03 2021

Mother Nature graced us with some moisture this week, and we’re grateful. There’s a pond a short distance to the left of Reya here, and with any luck, it’s holding some water that came in gentle waves of snow that mostly never stuck. The ground is so dry, we need that moisture to soak in and start collecting in the low places – otherwise known as ponds. 🙂



6 responses

26 03 2021
Karen Schmiede

Love those pintos!

30 03 2021

🙂 🙂 🙂

26 03 2021
Sue E. Story

High hopes for those ponds, TJ. We keep having these nice little storms – and we are so grateful- but we need SO much more.

30 03 2021

High hopes, indeed. … All the snow we got just a little while ago should be good for the vegetation … but the ponds need a toad gagger! 🙂

26 03 2021

Come on rain!

30 03 2021

Echoing that prayer!!!!!!!!!

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