13 03 2021

Placing one’s hooves and feet takes feats of strength and endurance in the mud. Killian appears to be taking extra care in that department.



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13 03 2021

Takes ‘feets’ of strength too 🙂 Maybe some rain there this weekend ?

13 03 2021

Ha! Love it – feets of strength! 🙂 Picture all of that completely WHITE – in fact, it’s not even visible right now. The valley is totally socked in. We had at least an inch by 6:30, and it’s still coming down. 🙂 (Glad you’re back!)

13 03 2021
Karen Schmiede

He needs some overshoes! HA! HA!

13 03 2021

Oh my goodness. Killian, hope you find water with which to wash your feet.

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13 03 2021
Sue E. Story

And just think of what a feat that is to be watching where you place four “feet” instead of two! 😊

17 03 2021

Great picture.

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