Caught ‘er slurping

5 03 2021

Again the disclaimer that the basin doesn’t look quite like this right now, but it IS very moist, which currently is inhibiting access by any critters that don’t actually live in it.

This pic of Madison, happily slurping a mouthful of snow, was taken about 10 days ago. We just got another healthy dose of rain and some blowing snow … on top of the MUD that is the WORD of the moment right now in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂 My frustration at lack of visitation can’t quite compete with my joy about the moisture.



6 responses

5 03 2021

Great picture!

5 03 2021

Miss Madison is gorgeous!

5 03 2021

Lovely way to start my day!!

5 03 2021

You’ll just need a longer lens for the time being but the photos and stories are fun

5 03 2021
Karen Schmiede

Lovely girl!

5 03 2021
Sue E. Story

Madison is a cutie mid-slurp!

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