Aligned on the ridge

3 03 2021

Two bands separate on top of what I call bachelor ridge after browsing through snow at the base of the ridge. Although I was fairly far away, I loved the way the horses seemed to glow against the far ridges. Snow on south-facing slopes is always the first to melt. Later in the morning, the ground became pretty soft. 🙂



5 responses

3 03 2021

That is a great shot!

3 03 2021
Karen Schmiede

Great picture!

3 03 2021

Love Love Love! Makes me smile. Thanks TJ

3 03 2021
Sue E. Story

Those horses almost seem to be shining their own light. How beautiful, TJ!

4 03 2021

They do always seem to shine with their own light. 🙂 Near or far, I can’t get enough of them. 🙂

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