Prickly 2

22 02 2021

It’s no joke to say that the horses depend on – and even like – greasewood, even in its prickly winter phase. (Actually, it’s never not prickly, but in the warm months, at least it has a little succulent-type “bud” or “leaf” that makes it (maybe?) more palatable.)



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22 02 2021

It sure is amazing how God’s critters are so self sufficient.

22 02 2021

Yes, it is!

22 02 2021

Thank goodness they have the greasewood!

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22 02 2021

Yes. When they don’t have much else, they have greasewood.

22 02 2021
Sue E. Story

“Tough” food for tough mustangs!

22 02 2021


22 02 2021

I thought greasewood was toxic to horses. Do they only eat new growth?

22 02 2021

Apparently not. They eat in year-round! There’s no growth on the greasewood right now. They’ll browse on greasewood even when there IS grass all around them. I call it their candy or ice cream. šŸ™‚

23 02 2021

‘any port in a storm’ as it were… šŸ˜€

24 02 2021

Greasewood is precious for the horses!

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