9 02 2021

Piedra apparently has been playing in the mud recently, and that has tinged her nearly snow-white coat. Never a fashion diva, however, she looks as beautiful as ever with those wise and beautiful eyes.



6 responses

9 02 2021

Those eyes are mesmerizing!

9 02 2021
Karen Schmiede

Very pretty girl!

9 02 2021

Her beauty shines through💕👌

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9 02 2021

Mud is good, maybe. Would be nice when the no seeums arrive!

9 02 2021
Sue E. Story

She is definitely not a clothes-horse…See what I did there. Couldn’t help myself. 😊 And Piedra is beautiful in whatever hue of white she chooses!

9 02 2021

My white mule is ever determined to not remain white – lol!

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