Little brown

3 02 2021

Our world these days is dark, rich, WET brown with patches of white here and there – kind of like Maiku. πŸ™‚

It’s an unusual situation for us to be so wet, so muddy. And we’re entirely grateful.



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3 02 2021

Such depth of color. Glad there is moisture.

3 02 2021

Fantastic news !

3 02 2021
Karen Schmiede

So glad for the moisture!

3 02 2021
Sue E. Story

It IS a world of chocolate-brown mud and snow “patches,” very reminiscent of the colors in mustang apparel. 😊 And you’re right, TJ – we’re “entirely grateful!”

5 02 2021

The moisture is such an enormous relief. We need so much more. The freeze-thaw cycle tends to make me think we have more moisture than we do … but yes, we’re entirely grateful for every bit of mud!

6 02 2021

Maiku has such lovely markings 😊

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