Red in white

29 01 2021

Hayden loves his naps. Always has, since he was a baby.

On this day, with snow gently falling, he kept an occasional eye on me … but mostly, he enjoyed his nap.



7 responses

29 01 2021

Picture perfect !!

29 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

Very handsome dude!

29 01 2021

For middle of winter he looks very good. Napping is a good thing.

29 01 2021

Beautiful! Some days ago, when I read a blog post from you on “Sundance” I was carried back in time to the horse my neighbor bought that, according to the crusty, ole fart neighbor, was the Devil and worst purchase he ever made – -but to me? He wasn’t – – I could bike down, with an apple, or some carrots and he would perk up and come trotting over – ever gentle and huge compared to 12 year old me, he never scared me and nibbled small portions of veggies out of my hand with the grace of a debutante trying to impress society with her ‘lady like eating manners’ – – he was the briliant color of this horse – and I nicknamed him Sundance – and for me, that color, that kind of horse, will always remind me of him and that wonderful summer where I spent time with my ‘best friend’ who met me across the fence line…. 🙂

30 01 2021

What a wonderful memory. 🙂 My soulmate horse was the color of Hayden … the color of my own hair. He was loved, and he is missed.

29 01 2021
Lynn and Kathy

Such a handsome boy! He was from the very first “jump out of the chute” – Great shot of him!! So glad to see snow up there!

29 01 2021
Sue E. Story

Nothing better than a good nap on a snowy winter’s day! 😊

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