Little winter redhead

22 01 2021

The swish of her tail indicates that she wonders what the crazy two-legged is doing, again, with the clicky box and the admiring voice.

Is she not about the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen!? I love the curl of her ear tips.



7 responses

22 01 2021

TJ, again you made my day!

22 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

What a cutie she is!

22 01 2021
Sue Story

She is just perfect. Always one of my favorites!

22 01 2021

Do these mustangs know that they have a serious admirer in you? I think they do!😊

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24 01 2021

Sometimes, I think they do. 🙂 Mostly, I think they just wonder why I’m so often about.

24 01 2021

She is very pretty! I can’t decide, overall, if it looks like she is ‘posing’ for the camera (tail swish, hind legs placed just so!) OR if she is smiling, with full body ready to launch once she decides whether you are admiring her or ‘one of those pesky paparazzi’ folks – – LOL I know you’re not! The Tabloids aren’t smart enough to pay for REAL Beauty Pictures – — LOL

24 01 2021

She had been grazing, and then she stopped to nap and keep an eye on me. Even when a truck went by on the road (several hundred yards away), they looked but didn’t budge. Even when I walked away, they just calmly watched me go. 🙂

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