Perfect poser

9 01 2021

Cassidy Rain and her band were around a little water source that was partially open, partially frozen. The white on the ground in the foreground is salt; it comes to the surface particularly when the ground has been damp.

We’re hoping for snow tomorrow, but the forecast isn’t looking so hot, err, wet.



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9 01 2021

Glad they found water.

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9 01 2021

They know where to look, thank goodness.

9 01 2021
Karen Schmiede

Hope you get some moisture soon!

9 01 2021

Thank you, and so do we!

9 01 2021
Sue Story

Snow…what snow. They keep teasing us, but they’re wrong…again. On the other hand, Cassidy Rain makes me feel better!

9 01 2021

I know. 😦 I watched the sky clearing, clearing, clearing … until that ol’ blue is shining through. We’re in trouble again. (We haven’t been OUT of trouble.)

9 01 2021

No snow or rain here.

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