Solstice past

22 12 2020

The longest night of the year is past, and now days will get longer and longer – though maybe not warmer and warmer for at least another little while yet. 🙂

Sundance carries the shortest day in grand fashion – as always!



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22 12 2020

I hope you noticed the stars last night and the horses were amazed as the beauty of two stars so close made them take notice.

22 12 2020

It’s all uphill from here in sooo many ways ! The planets are aligned, we gained 3 seconds of daylight overnight and the cold keeps the moisture. Happy Solstice 💫

22 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

Glad the days will be getting longer! Love the picture!

22 12 2020
Sue Story

Sundance. The magical one. That is all.

23 12 2020

We all move forward… thanks TJ

23 12 2020

Who better to lead the way into the light.

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23 12 2020

Wow. The stars are wonderful and so are the horses it is soo cold today with wind. I hope the horses have their winter coats on!

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