Flying red

6 12 2020

A nearby band was too tempting for Hayden to not go investigate – through a deep arroyo and over a ridge!

Meanwhile, his mares thought that looked like way too much effort, so they hung out on their own side of the arroyo and waited for him to return.

When Hayden reappeared, having ensured that the rival band was no threat to his family, he approached the arroyo, then stopped (he even cocked a hip!). Apparently, it was a standoff; would he make the effort to traverse the deep ditch again … or would his mares make the effort to join him on the other side?

Naturally, the mares chose an altogether different option and moseyed into a little cleft between hills, and as they disappeared from his line of sight, Hayden decided (quickly) that where they were was where he needed to be, and on he came!

Nobody gives the girls an ultimatum, not even their handsome copper stallion. 🙂



8 responses

6 12 2020

I love that! What a story!

6 12 2020

LOL! Just like a guy. 😉

6 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

Good for the girls!

6 12 2020

Girls rule !!! He is pretty darned handsome 🙂

6 12 2020
Sue Story

This cracks me up. 😆 Those beautiful girls know they have their handsome stallion wrapped around their fingers…er hooves!

6 12 2020
Ginger Fedak

Love this!

7 12 2020
Lynn and Kathy

GREAT story!!! Such a stunningly handsome guy!!!

8 12 2020

I love it!!

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