Double the beauty

3 12 2020

The warm light enveloping Kestrel and Piedra was at odds with the sharp wind at 40 degrees that felt more like 30 (or colder). I tossed my gloves on the ground a bit after this (dumb, but I was in a hurry to take advantage of a view), and my hands didn’t feel thawed till after I got back to the Jeep an hour later.

The heavily eroded hill in the distance is Flat Top. By virtue of the lingering snow, you can tell that we’re looking at the north-ish-facing slopes. That’s the hill I hiked up the last time we had snow. The treed ridge in the far background – marked with some open areas – is beyond Spring Creek Basin.

Interestingly, in editing mode, it looks like Word Press has doubled (?) the size at which it’s now displaying images, which is fantastic. The mustangs deserve to be seen large.



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3 12 2020

ALL GOOD!! Thanks TJ

3 12 2020

What a great picture!

3 12 2020
Karen Schmiede

Two horses are better than one!

3 12 2020

Wish we had a book on our coffee table of TJ Holmes gorgeous mustang photos and the incredible land they survive in. Wish you’d put one together!!

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3 12 2020
Sue Story

That warm light does seem to belie the cold of a December day! But the ruffling manes give the cold wind away. 😊 And TJ, you need some hand- warmers!

4 12 2020

Ha – you’re not the first to suggest hand warmers. 🙂 My gloved hands were fine until somebody walked across a particular background … then the gloves were just a hindrance, until the uncaring wind brought back to mind how cold it was!

3 12 2020

Unfortunately, the bigger-picture idea does NOT appear to have translated from editor mode to published mode.

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