23 11 2020

Shhhh! You can’t see me if I freeze behind this dead greasewood! It’s not like I used it to stealth-sneak up behind you! No, no, I didn’t! Ignore the human! She won’t see me if I act invisible!

Sorry, pal. You’re too big and too beautiful to ever ignore. 🙂



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23 11 2020

Sneaking around or just glad to see you!

23 11 2020

It’s so funny! I always get a kick out of horses and our dogs doing that! I do believe they feel they’ve outsmarted us!

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23 11 2020
Karen Schmiede

How cool!

23 11 2020
Sue Story

I just love animals and their “you can’t see me” routines – makes me laugh. 😁

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