9 11 2020

Because the post below this one published before I intended (!?), let’s try it again. And maybe, in the morning – this morning, hopefully – when THIS one posts, it will reflect what’s on the ground … again.

Above is Temple, seen the last time it snowed in the basin, a couple of weeks ago.

We’re due to get snow in the night and during the day today, and we can only hope!



6 responses

9 11 2020

For sure! Snow!

9 11 2020

Prayers for more white stuff for Spring Creek Basin!!

9 11 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hoping for a lot of white moisture!

9 11 2020

hello beautiful Temple! Bet you’re enjoying the cool snow and moisture from it! Yayy!!

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9 11 2020
Sue Story

Hoping for a boat-load of the white stuff! Some is falling as we speak so maybe you’re getting sone too, TJ?

9 11 2020
Sue Story

That would be “some too”…some. 😊

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