Pretty is Piedra

1 11 2020

Better late than never: This is the pic of pretty Piedra that I tried to schedule a few days ago, before the snow hit. She’s pretty “snowy” (!), but that ground (about a week ago) was without the benefit of recent beneficial white stuff.

I mean, how PRETTY is she?! 🙂



8 responses

1 11 2020

She is STUNNING!!!!

1 11 2020
Karen Schmiede

Very pretty!

1 11 2020

Absolutely Pretty!

1 11 2020

Lovely lady!! Thanks TJ

1 11 2020
Sue Story

Yes she is – pretty girl indeed!

2 11 2020

Indeed! What a lovely lady❤️

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4 11 2020

She is of beauty rare and refined and only lacks the horn to be lauded throughout time as the ‘magical & mystical Unicorn of the basin” – ❤

5 11 2020

There are a few like that … lacking only a horn. 🙂 All magical!

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