White gold

10 10 2020

The inimitable Houdini climbs a hill after drinking with her band at the newest water catchment above Disappointment Road. That catchment is a few years old now, and during these exceptionally dry times, we’re as grateful for it as ever.

In the background are cottonwoods along (dry) Disappointment Creek (outside Spring Creek Basin).

Hurricanes and flooding; wildfires and destruction; drought and no rain in sight. And those are just the simplest to name. My heart aches for all those suffering.



4 responses

10 10 2020

Houdini, you are beautiful. I pray for rain for you and all the mustangs 🙏❤️

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10 10 2020

Thank you!

10 10 2020
Sue Story

If only we could swap – a little of our dry for a little of their rain…if only. Those Disappointment cottonwoods look great right now, TJ! And Houdini? Well, she looks stunning. Time for a trip out that way methinks! 😊

10 10 2020

Agreed about swapping rain and dry. A little of each would help tremendously. And yes, it’s a good time to visit. Very dry … but the temps are good. 🙂

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