Evening nosh

17 09 2020

Juniper also likes to nibble the greasewood (Really, they all love it like ice cream). That’s the vast sweep of Valentine Mesa (my name for it) behind her.



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17 09 2020

I am continuously amazed at how these wild ones survive. I have always read that greasewood is toxic to horses and other livestock and yet, wild horses seem to manage to survive. Possibly it is more poisonous at certain times of the year?

17 09 2020
Karen Schmiede


17 09 2020

I’m not aware that greasewood is at all poisonous. They eat it throughout the year – thank goodness. Cattle also eat it. I think it’s more appropriate to say that instead of simply surviving on greasewood, they *thrive* on greasewood. In these dry years (especially?!), it’s a mainstay in their diets, I think.

17 09 2020
Sue Story

Pretty evening light glowing on Juniper, her gormet greasewood and the mesa. Beautiful, TJ.

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