Caught ya nappin’

2 09 2020

Shadow girl looks like she’s deep in a sweet slumber. In truth, she had laid down for a leisurely roll … but I love that this very wary gal felt comfortable enough to lie down in my company. She’s not usually that relaxed. 🙂



7 responses

2 09 2020

Such a beauty!!

2 09 2020

Sweet! No camo there!

2 09 2020
Karen Schmiede

Pretty girl!

2 09 2020
Sue Story

We all need a good roll in the dirt…and Shadow is a smartie – she knows who her friends are! 😊

2 09 2020

My heart would be endlessly overjoyed if I could spend time with Mustangs every week! ❤

2 09 2020

So lovely🌹

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2 09 2020

You must be the horse whisperer You must be the horse whisperer!

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