Smoky badlands

20 08 2020

Since Friday, we’ve had smoke in our air. Yesterday’s air quality was the worst so far.

It’s apparently coming from at least a couple of major fires north of us: the Pine Gulch Fire, north of Grand Junction, and the Grizzly Creek Fire, which has closed I-70 through Glenwood Canyon.

It’s dry. It’s hot. Our prayers are with those evacuated from their homes and/or on standby – and not only those folks in Colorado. Firefighters are struggling against forces of nature and difficult terrain (see above: it’s hot, it’s dry).

Stay safe, folks.



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20 08 2020

So sad about the fires. Are they cropping up later this year than last? I have friends in CA with horses who are sweating bullets on whether to move or remain in place. I hope that big storm system (Genevieve) moving into Baja will send some moisture your way and up the coast a bit to dampen those fires.

20 08 2020

Last year – here anyway – was wetter than this year. It was bad in 2018 – we were in “exceptional” drought most of that year. This year, we’re now in “extreme,” which is one level below exceptional. I hope Genevieve can bring some relief.

20 08 2020
Maggie Frazier

Having a friend of mine who lives outside of Lucerne Valley – keep checking with her to make sure shes safe. So far so good. I cannot imagine having myself, my family, my home in danger like many Californians & Coloradans are going thru. So scary – the fire fighters fighting these battles with not enough resources – its just so terrifying. Sending lots of good thoughts & prayers – which is not enough!

20 08 2020

Scary, indeed. We add our prayers to yours!

20 08 2020

We pray for the safety of all and you and the mustangs.

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20 08 2020

Thank you, Karen.

20 08 2020
Sue Story

Same song, different verse, isn’t TJ. Hard not to be weary of the endless droughts and fire and smoke, now seemingly a way of life in this part of the country. But even as discouraging as that is, I worry more about the firefighters on the front lines and the difficulties our wild critters have to endure. Prayers for rain. 😥

20 08 2020

Oh, I am so very weary of the constant worry. Thank goodness we don’t have fires here right now … but I worry for all those in Colorado and California and elsewhere who do that that immediate anxiety, especially those with animals to move, and yes, the wild ones. The firefighters are well trained and prepared, but how do you struggle on against something so immense? They are amazing. Prayers for rain!

20 08 2020
Karen Schmiede

Adding my prayers for rain, and also for everyone to stay safe.

20 08 2020

Thank you, Karen. Every little bit has to help!

21 08 2020

Praying for RAIN!

23 08 2020

Praying every day!

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