Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!

16 08 2020

Comanche and Kestrel are royalty in Spring Creek Basin. They’ve been together since 2008 – even finding each other after their respective releases after the 2011 roundup. He may have other mares, but Kestrel is his lady.

This year marks 51 years of marriage for my folks, Nancy and Dave. It’s a good thing their big 5-0 was last year for a big celebratory trip; this year is just a little wee bit, uh, nuts. 🙂

Showing horses around northeastern Ohio is how my folks met when they were teenagers, and, almost always since then (it was hard to pack our horses to Germany, so my mom’s parents kept them for us for three years), they’ve had horses ever since – and still. My dad confessed the other day that he hadn’t ridden for a while, but it has been 100-plus holy-hot degrees in Texas lately, so I don’t blame him a bit.

When you find the one you love, you keep that one close. Comanche and Kestrel would understand. 🙂

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! I love ya’ll!



11 responses

16 08 2020

Happy Anniversary, 51 years! Good for you!

Loved the picture.

16 08 2020

Thank you!! Love the picture, your words, and love you!

16 08 2020

I love YA’LL! 🙂

16 08 2020
Karen Schmiede

Happy Anniversary TJ’s Mom and Dad, and many more!

16 08 2020

Aww, how sweet! Happy Anniversary to your folks! Just love Kestrel and Comanche.

16 08 2020

Happy Anniversary and congratulations 🎉🍾

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16 08 2020
Sue Story

Happy Anniversary to your parents, TJ! What a great way to honor them with a photo of long-time sweethearts Kestrel and Comanche!

16 08 2020

Thanks to you all for your anniversary good wishes to my folks! 🙂

17 08 2020
Ginger Fedak

Where in NE Ohio did your mom and dad live? I also grew up there east of Cleveland and “back in the day,” taught at a riding lesson barn near Som Center and Chardon Roads, across the road from the North Chagrin Reservation of the huge Metropolitan Park system (Cleveland’s “Green Necklace.”)

17 08 2020

They’re from Columbiana and Mahoning counties.

21 08 2020

How lovely! Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad and all the best!

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