Hello, darling!

14 07 2020

Juniper is most lovely against a stormy sky. While we didn’t get any rain in Spring Creek Basin, we could see curtains of rain around us, which had to be nice for those folks and critters getting it. Maybe soon we’ll get our due (which is kind of a lot, truly).

(And somebody must have been getting storms because the power went out before I could schedule this last night to post this morning!)



5 responses

14 07 2020

Juniper looks perfectly lovely !

14 07 2020
Maggie Frazier

Crossing my fingers for you! Today is gorgeous – cloudy & breezy – cooler! We have had high 80s & low 90s past few weeks but have also been getting rain – which is good. Hope you get the moisture you need!

14 07 2020
Sue Story

She’s a beauty, and I’m liking the “swept-back” ‘do she’s got going on! Sure like to know who’s getting the rain – it sure ain’t us. But we do get the wind. Lovely.

14 07 2020

Praying for rain for SCB!!! Ms. Juniper is beautiful!

18 07 2020

Great picture!

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