Lunar glow

1 07 2020

Comanche makes the moon look good. 🙂

If the angle looks a little odd, it’s because I was shooting nearly straight up at him. He was up the hill, I was down the hill, and the moon already was high in the blue, blue sky.



4 responses

1 07 2020
Glenn Sackett

Oh, that’s a perfect angle! Comanche is standing with front feet uphill to the right making parallel lines with the mountain. Beautiful!

1 07 2020
Karen Schmiede

Great picture!

3 07 2020
Sue Story

A “Comanche moon” on the rise. 😊 Love the detail, TJ, even to the veins in his tummy! He looks very regal posing there above you.

8 07 2020

Keep hiking and finding the horses in the wild country!

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