Just a pretty little pinto girl

19 06 2020

Reya paused on her way up the hill from an arroyo seep where her band had an evening drink.

In the background, the hazy amber sky is from smoke, but I think it may be from the Arizona fires instead of the one southeast of Mancos. It’s at 2,764 acres.

The wind has subsided from brutal to merely strong, and with that relief comes another plague: the gnats. They’re here. My guess is that they’ve been out … just blown away like the rest of us. Both’ll drive a body insane.



2 responses

20 06 2020

Rain, rain

20 06 2020
Sue Story

Yes, TJ; the gnats ARE here. Been dodging ’em in the garden and feeling bad for the ponies! I think you’re right – the shrieking winds have been keeping them at bay. Maybe the darn wind is good for something after all!

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