A little less brown

4 06 2020

Could it be any more brown out there? At least Chipeta breaks it up nicely with her brown-and-white loveliness!



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4 06 2020
Debbie Parish

Are you officially in drought status?

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4 06 2020

Oh, yeah. I’m not sure we’re ever actually out of drought these days. Two years ago – 2018, the year from hell – we were in the worst category (“exceptional”) by this time. Now, we’re only in “severe” so far. With only 0.02 inch of rain in May, and only 1.36 since March 1 … I’d say we’re headed there again. We had only a little more than 2 inches of moisture all winter. 😦


I ought to do a blog post about this; I know you know where we are, Debbie, but for others who may read this, Montezuma County is Colorado’s very southwestern-most county. North of Montezuma County is Dolores County, and north of Dolores County is San Miguel County. Spring Creek Basin is partly in Dolores County and mostly in San Miguel County – slightly west of center in the southern part of San Miguel.

4 06 2020

Sending thoughts of rain, moisture and green your way!!

4 06 2020

Thank you, Marytherese! We can use some of Illinois’ rain. 🙂

4 06 2020
Karen Schmiede

Love those pintos! Hope you get rain soon!

4 06 2020
Sue Story

Brown looks beautiful on Chipeta. On the landscapes…not so much. How desperately we need rain.

12 06 2020

What a beauty! Bring on the rain!

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