Oh, girl

21 05 2020

Chipeta, by looking back at her admirer, invites us all to look at and admire her loveliness and that of the world beyond (southeast of) her Spring Creek Basin range.

Aren’t they lovely? 🙂



8 responses

21 05 2020


21 05 2020

“lovely!” Thanks TJ

21 05 2020
Debbie Parish

Gorgeous beast

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21 05 2020

21 05 2020
Trish Friant

What a pose ! Things look lovely over there these days ! Thanks for sharing such inspiring photos and stories 🙂

21 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

Love those pintos!

21 05 2020
Sue Story

A fetching pinto pretty! I imagine she has many “admirers!”

22 05 2020

So great! All shredded out.

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