Prettily blurred

16 05 2020


This may be one of the worst pix I’ve shared on this blog, but I was so excited to see this little hummer – checking out the newly blooming prince’s plume! – that I thought I’d share this other cute little critter with all of you. 🙂

The hummer is terribly out of focus. This cute critter was even faster than the last cute critter I posted on the blog! You can’t even see its wings, they’re such a total blur.

We have lots of cute critters in Spring Creek Basin. Fast or slow (yes, the slithery types also are out and about, too), they’re all part of our wild world.



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16 05 2020


16 05 2020
Debbie Parish

She’s just lovely, breakfasting on a teensy flower🌻

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16 05 2020
Maggie Frazier

My hummers just started showing up at the feeder! They take turns with the Baltimore Orioles.

16 05 2020

Maggie, I know B.Orioles are fond of fruit, but I had no idea they like hummingbird feeders. I live in Maryland and occasionally am treated to Oriole sightings, but rarely. But have never seen one at our hummer feeder.

16 05 2020

Fabulous! Hummers are notoriously difficult to capture on film. Thank you for sharing this little beauty! And the local flora!

16 05 2020

Even though we’re dry I do enjoy seeing all the life coming out. (Even the slivery ones) I’m not a photographer, but I do like using my phone to capture critters when I can. I try to capture 🐦 birds, but phone cameras aren’t good at that. 🤪

16 05 2020
Sue Story

Two of my favorite things – hummers and Prince’s Plume!😊 And just like Maggie, our Orioles like to share the hummer feeders too…even though we have a bigger one just for them. Maybe they like the company of hummingbirds!

16 05 2020

The prince’s plume finally has started coming up all over. Lots (that’s relative) of globe mallow and larkspur (good thing we don’t have cattle anymore). I even saw the first sego lilies of the season today. We won’t have last year’s bloom, but there’s some color to be seen out there. 🙂 And the hummers are buzzing all around!

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