Boulder magic

11 05 2020


We have some cool rocks in Spring Creek Basin.

We have some cool mustangs in Spring Creek Basin.

We also have some magic, proved here by Skywalker, who used his Jedi mind-mastery to pick just the right time to look back at me as I was aiming my lens through the hole in this boulder at the base of Filly Peak. Because he’s just a cool mustang, and he’s all ours in Spring Creek Basin. 🙂




6 responses

11 05 2020

Now that is perfect! Skywalker is sly and you caught him .

11 05 2020

Great catch! He’s probably wondering what you were doing skulking behind the boulder.

11 05 2020
Debbie Parish

Definitely magical, Skywalker 💛

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11 05 2020
Karen Schmiede

The force is with Him!

11 05 2020

That is so cool 🙌! The force is strong with him. ♥️

12 05 2020
Sue Story

😍 Such a perfect “frame” for a beautiful Skywalker portrait!

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