Light! Action!

3 03 2020


Terra wandered a bit from her band.

It’s hard to see, but there’s a narrow, not-too-deep arroyo right beside her. Her band came from the other side, and another band, originally on this side, was crossing it to the other side. The arroyo starts not far behind Terra and gets deepish pretty quickly.

Although it’s NOT “too deep,” it’s narrow, and there aren’t a lot of good crossings. So when the horses were basically trading places, Terra had to scuttle to catch up to her band and away from that OTHER family.

Then they grazed on either side of the arroyo – pretty close, really – and all was peaceful once more in that lovely light.

As for rain, well, we’re up to 2.72 inches since Nov. 1. (Our amount since that date stood at 2.71 as of the previous day’s post, in case you couldn’t remember.)



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3 03 2020

Lovely Lady! Thoughts of moisture coming your way…

3 03 2020


3 03 2020
Sue Story

…Changing places! You have to think fast to be a proper mustang. 😊

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