Pretty grey in dismal brown

16 02 2020


Temple is alert to the movement of another band nearby.

Lookin’ pretty brown out there in the cold season, which doesn’t bode well for our warm-season moisture.



6 responses

16 02 2020

TJ, should it actually be green during the winter? Or just ‘greener’?

16 02 2020

Temple is gorgeous! No matter the background.

16 02 2020

Play for rain!

16 02 2020
Karen Schmiede

Hope you get some moisture soon.

16 02 2020
Sue Story

Hating the brown but loving Temple. Those storms just don’t seem to be coming our way lately. Time to pray once again for a deluge of moisture.

16 02 2020

It should be *white*! Snow in the winter means summer moisture in the West. … Particularly in the high-desert West where Spring Creek Basin is located. We depend *heavily* on our winter snow to provide moisture through the dry months because we don’t get good/consistent/reliable rain.

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