5 01 2020


The last big day that I was out with the mustangs, the sun was pretty bright. This time of year, it stays fairly low in the southern sky, but you still get some glare.

The horses were in an area of dried sunflower stalks when Comanche went after his lieutenant, who had the temerity to get too close to one of his mares (!). I was up the hill above where they ran and ended up shooting in the direction of the sun.

I love his action and the lines in the background, so when I was going through photos, it occurred to me that this one might work in black and white. The scene is a bit “busy,” and I’m not sure whether that works for it or not.

For contrast, here’s the same image in color:


Well, I know which one I like better. I’m a see’er-in-color, after all. 🙂

Every now and then, it’s fun to take a different look at the familiar.



6 responses

5 01 2020

Winter Movement -cannot choose, enjoyed them bth! Thanks TJ

5 01 2020

I dig the color photo – the gentle tans add to the depth, and make Comanche pop/stand out. Lovely photo!

5 01 2020
Sue Story

I’m with you, TJ. I’m a color girl, and I think the color version is beautiful. I’m loving the soft shades of brown on white.

5 01 2020

Color for me but I do look at the b&w with interest.

6 01 2020
Karen Keene Day

Comanche has inspired me so many wonderful times over the years to paint him, so I’m thrilled to see these photos of him. I love both& find the black and white to be especially dramatic and strong , adding to the lines of his action.
It’s a fascinating study in the fields with his movement. great photographs TJ!!

8 01 2020

Very interesting to read all your comments about these two versions, thank you! Like Carol and Sue wrote, I especially like the “gentle tans” and “soft shades of brown on white.” That does add the depth that makes the image alive!

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