First snow

21 10 2019


Not really the first snow in the region, but the first very locally.

To be truthful, the dusting of snow was on higher ridges above and beyond Spring Creek Basin, but it was very close. Even the La Sal Mountains had snow … until it melted under the day’s bright sunshine.

C’mon, moisture! You are needed!



5 responses

21 10 2019

“ditto” thoughts of moisture coming your way!

21 10 2019
Karen Schmiede

Hope you get snow!

21 10 2019
Sue Story

Just a little dusting of powder..and a LOT of wind. Same song, different verse. We need real moisture SO badly; southwestern Colorado has deteriorated its way back into D2 already. Hope the water is holding up fo the mustangs.

22 10 2019

Ugh! How did we get into such terrible weather territory again?? Fortunately, the mustangs DO have water, and they’re all healthy. But for the humans, it’s scary. Again.

22 10 2019

Come on moisture!

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